Behaviour change science-related symposia

Our group has been actively involved in organising symposia and other events linked to behaviour change science.

We decided to gather the recorded talks on one page.

Please enjoy!

1st BeSP Symposium: Intervention Evaluation & Field Experiments, 14-15 May 2019

Videos available on the 1st BeSP Symposium Vimeo page

Talks by:

  1. Ass. Prof. Nelli Hankonen: Opening speech & presentation of the executive committee of the project
  2. KEYNOTE Dr. Michael Sanders: Practical science - How we bring rigour into the evaluation of policy
  3. Discussant: Dr. Mira Fischer
  4. Prof. Petri Ylikoski: Mechanism-based thinking
  5. Dr. Samuli Reijula: Severe testing and extrapolation part 1
  6. Assoc. Prof. Jaakko Kuorikoski: Severe testing and extrapolation part 2
  7. KEYNOTE Prof. Sharon Simpson: Updated guidance on developing and evaluating complex interventions
  8. Dr. Jouko Verho: Could we increase the use of randomised field experiments in Finland?
  9. KEYNOTE Prof. Jeffery Carpenter: Experimental innovations to aid evidence-based policy-making
  10. KEYNOTE Prof. Martin Hagger: Why and how do interventions work? Evaluating mechanisms of impact
  11. Dr. Jennifer Mc Sharry: Evaluating the feasibility of implementing interventions into practice: The example of the cardiac health and relationship management and sexuality (charms) intervention
2nd BeSP Symposium: Behavioural Insights in Developing Public Policy and Interventions, 3-4 Oct 2019

Videos of the talks are available on the 2nd BeSP Symposium website.

Day 1

Videos from Day 1 available on UniTube.

Talks by:

  1. Ass. Prof. Nelli Hankonen: Opening speech & presentation of the speakers, project & the executive committee
  2. KEYNOTE Prof. Susan Michie: Applying behavioural science to policy and interventions: a tool for collaboration
  3. Prof. Harri Oinas-Kukkonen: Digital intervention design
  4. Adj. Prof. Pilvikki Absetz: Shared functions but contextualised content and delivery  - the SMART2D intervention to prevent and control type 2 diabetes in three different disadvantaged settings
  5. Ass. Prof. Nelli Hankonen: Common tasks and principles in behaviour change intervention development frameworks: Integrative review

Day 2

Videos from the morning session available on Unitube

Talks by:

  1. Markus Kanerva: Opening speech & review of yesterday’s key take-outs
  2. KEYNOTE Dr. Adam Oliver: Towards a New Political Economy of Behavioral Public Policy
  3. Sirpa Kekkonen (Head of Government Strategy Secretariat): Use of behavioral insight in the Policy-making of the Finnish Government– overview of recent developments    Dr. Lauri Sääksvuori: Behavioral insights and influenza immunization: Evidence from a large-scale RCT
  4. Prof. Maija Setälä: Deliberative mini-publics facilitating voter knowledge and judgement: Experience from a Finnish local referendum

Videos from the afternoon session available on Unitube.

Talks by:

  1. Francesca Papa (distance connection): The international frontiers of behavioural public policy
  2. Eeva Rantala: Nudging healthy eating and physical activity: Experiences from the StopDia at Work intervention
  3. KEYNOTE Prof. Cass Sunstein: Lecture and a Q&A session (distance connection)
Duodecim International Symposium: Advancing Behaviour Change Intervention Research to Promote Public Health, 13-15 June 2018

Videos available on the 10th Duodecim International Symposium 2018 Vimeo site.

More information on the symposium on the Duodecim symposium event page

3rd BeSP Symposium: Reverse translation: Practice-based evidence

Videos availabe on the 3rd BeSP Symposium website.

Speakers include:

  • Professor Christa Fouché, The University of Auckland
  • Professor Ilse Julkunen, University of Helsinki
  • PhD, Docent Keegan Knittle, University of Helsinki
  • PhD Heidi Muurinen, University of Helsinki
  • Adjunct Professor Aino Kääriäinen, University of Helsinki
  • Professor Antti Malmivaara, National Institute for Health and Welfare
  • Professor Taru Lintunen, University of Jyväskylä
  • B.Soc.Sc. Lari Hokkanen, Demos Helsinki