NOSA-FAAR Aerosol Symposium 2018 in Helsinki

The NOSA-FAAR Symposium this year took place in Helsinki, Finland, in March 26-28, including 35 talks and 98 posters.

With the special theme of ‘Organic Aerosols - emission, formation, growth and impacts on health and climate’, the symposium consisted of five sessions:

  • ‘SOA formation, precursors and processes’,
  • ‘Atmospheric modelling of aerosols’,
  • ‘Atmospheric aerosol - CCN to climate’,
  • ‘Aerosol and health’, and
  • ‘Urban aerosols: sources and properties’.

Claudia Mohr and Eimear Dunne warmed up the symposium with two tutorials on mass spectrometry and aerosol modelling.

Mikael Ehn started the symposium by delivering the first plenary lecture, entitled ‘Pathways from Volatile Emissions to SOA’. Lauriane Quéléver, Olga Garmash and Yanjun Zhang from our group also attended the symposium. Lauriane presented measurements at Marambio Station in Antarctica and her recent study of temperature effect on the formation of highly oxygenated molecules (HOMs). Olga showed results of organic aerosol precursor gases measured in Shanghai and Yanjun showed the new data analysis method of mass spectrometry data.

The NOSA-FAAR Symposium was jointly hosted by Nordic Society for Aerosol Research (NOSA) and Finnish Association for Aerosol Research (FAAR), with the main aim of acting as a link between researchers in various Finnish Institutes and Universities. NOSA has arranged a Nordic Aerosol Symposium annually or biannually since 1982 and the last meeting was held in Lund, Sweden, in March 20-22, 2017.

NOSA is also hosting next year’s European Aerosol Conference (EAC) in Gothenburg, Sweden together with Gothenburg Air and Climate Center.

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NOSA is also co-hosting European Aerosol Conference 2019 in Gothenburg, Sweden!