Our primary research objective is a fundamental physical and chemical understanding of the atmospheric transformation of volatile organic emissions, especially related to their potential to form condensable vapors that contribute to organic particulate matter.

In these ventures we rely mainly on experimental studies, with mass spectrometry forming the cornerstone of our work, to characterize compounds and processes both in the gas and particle phase.

Our group emerged around the European Research Council Starting Grant “COALA” (Comprehensive molecular characterization of organic aerosol formation in the atmosphere), funded in 2015. The aims of this ERC project, and the science behind it, continue to guide the efforts undertaken in the group. For more background on our topics of interest, see RESEARCH.

The Atmospheric Physical Chemistry group is led by associate professor Mikael Ehn. For a full list of current group members, see PEOPLE.

We are part of the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) at the University of Helsinki.