This is a new group effectively starting in 2021

We aim to research Arctic ecosystems along the continuum from land to coastal waters.

This will primarily through the measurement of key biogeochemical processes centred around the production and subsequent breakdown of particulate and dissolved organic matter (POM & DOM) in aquatic systems.

In the Arctic Ocean our work will focus on biogeochemical and microbial processes associated with sea ice formation, consolidation and subsequent melt.

We will look at present seasonal changes in these processes with the aim in understanding fundamental mechanisms that are important for Arctic microbial food webs. Naturally this information is key for helping to predict the effects of climate change will have on Arctic aquatic systems. We will engage with policy makers and stakeholders to present our findings in pertinent ways.

To do this work across traditional research boundaries will only be possible through the collaboration within multidisciplinary teams of researchers. A key aim of the group in the early phases is to foster national and international partnerships to make these ambitions become realities.