Nutrition physiology and well-being of farm animals

Our overall objective is to use physiology, genomics, metabolomics and lipidomics to advance our understanding of energy and nitrogen metabolism of farm and companion animals. Currently, our main interest is in periparturient dairy cows. Periparturient period is recognized as a critical time for the production and well-being of dairy cows.  Pronounced insulin resistance and severe negative energy balance during transition period cause excessive lipid mobilization, which may disturb liver function and predispose dairy cows to metabolic and production related diseases. We study different feeding regimes during periparturient period to facilitate metabolic adaptation of high-yielding dairy cows. Our research will provide novel basis for management of well-being and nutrition in dairy cows.

Selected Publications

Qin, N., Kokkonen, T. Salin, S., Seppanen-Laakso, T., Taponen, T. Vanhatalo, A. and Elo, K. 2017. Prepartal overfeeding alters the lipidomic profiles in the liver and the adipose tissue of transition dairy cows. Metabolomics 13:21.

Salin, S., Vanhatalo, A., Elo, K., Taponen, J., Boston, R.C., and Kokkonen, T. 2017. Effects of dietary energy allowance and decline in dry matter intake during the dry period on responses to glucose and insulin in transition dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science 100:5266-5280.

Selim S., Elo K., Jaakkola S., Karikoski N., Boston R., Reilas T., Särkijärvi, S., Saastamoinen, M. and Kokkonen, T. 2015. Relationships among body condition, insulin resistance and subcutaneous adipose tissue gene expression during the grazing season in mares. PLoS ONE 10(5): e0125968.

Selim, S., Kokkonen, T., Taponen, J., Vanhatalo, A. and K. Elo. 2015. Effect of prepartal ad libitum feeding of grass silage on transcriptional adaptations of the liver and subcutaneous adipose tissue in dairy cows during the periparturient period. Journal of Dairy Science 98:5515-5528.

Selim, S., Salin, S., Taponen, J., Vanhatalo, A. Kokkonen, T. and Elo, K.T. 2014. Prepartal dietary energy alters transcriptional adaptations of the liver and subcutaneous adipose tissue of dairy cows during the transition period. Physiological Genomics 46:328-337.

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