The latest publications and contact information for principal investigators and post-doctoral researchers in animal science can be found here.

Those doctoral students who work at our department or get funding from our doctoral programme are referred to by name. In addition, several of our doctoral students are working in research centers and companies.

Pekka Uimari, Professor
Jarmo Valaja, Professor
Aila Vanhatalo, Professor
Peter Krawczel, Associate Professor
Heli Simojoki, Associate Professor
Kari Elo, University Lecturer
Anni Halmemies-Beauchet-Filleau, University Lecturer
Jarmo Juga, University Lecturer

I am an adjunct professor and University lecturer. I am an experienced animal breeder, main focus being in cattle breeding. I have both research and teaching experience, but also a lot of experience with practical design of breeding programs, calculation of economic weights, prediction of breeding values and so forth.

Read more: Jarmo Juga's profile in the University of Helsinki research portal

Tuomo Kokkonen, University Lecturer
Katja Martikainen, University Instructor
Katja Mustonen, Clinical Instructor
Alper Kavlak, Postdoctoral Researcher
Marjukka Lamminen, Postdoctoral Researcher
Siru Salin, Postdoctoral Researcher
Doctoral Students

Hanna Huuki
Elina Paakala
Jaakko Pietarinen
Aino Pietikäinen
Olli Pitkänen
Laura Post
Paula Rissanen
Katri Sarviaho
Tiina Seppälä
Vappu Ylinen

Professors Emeriti

Matti Näsi professor (emeritus),  contact information and research portal

Asko Mäki-Tanila professor (emeritus),  contact informaton and research portal, ORCID



PhD Alper Kavlak (2022) > University of Helsinki
DSc Andrei Kudinov (2021) > Natural Resources Institute Finland
DSc Siru Salin (2020) > University of Helsinki
DSc Katja Martikainen (2020) > University of Helsinki
DSc Anne Honkanen (2020) > University of Helsinki
DSc Walter König (2020) > WK Agro Ltd
DSc Marjukka Lamminen (2019) > University of Helsinki
DSc Riitta Kempe (2018) > Natural Resources Institute Finland
PhD Nanbing Qin (2018) > PoDoCo, University of Helsinki / Hankkija Ltd
DSc Katariina Manni (2018) > Natural Resources Institute Finland
DSc Johanna Anturaniemi (2018) > University of Helsinki
DSc Pauliina Kokko (2017) > Mtech Digital Solutions Ltd
PhD Jessica Coyne (2017) > Teagasc, Ireland
DSc Erja Koivunen (2016) > Alimetrics Ltd
PhD Shaimaa Selim (2015) > Menoufia University, Egypt
DSc Johanna Häggman (2014) > Mtech Digital Solutions Ltd
DSc Kaarina Matilainen (2014) > Natural Resources Institute Finland
PhD Mahlako L. Makgahlela (2014) > Agricultural Research Council, South Africa
DSc Kirsi Muuttoranta (2014) > Natural Resources Institute Finland
DSc Jussi Peura (2013) > Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
DSc Hanni Kärkkäinen > (2013) Natural Resources Institute Finland
DSc Mari Suontama (2012) > Skogforsk, Sweden
DSc Kaisa Kuoppala (2010) > Natural Resources Institute Finland
DSc Marjatta Säisä (2009) > Finnish National Agency for Education
DSc Helena Hepola (2008) > Finnish Food Authority
DSc Anna-Maria Tyrisevä (2008) > Natural Resources Institute Finland