Equine reproduction

Equine reproduction services available at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital



Insemination of mares

Mare inseminations with fresh, cooled and transported, or frozen semen.

Problem mares

Examinations, treatment and inseminations of mares with fertility issues can be carried out efficiently at the clinic.

Pregnancy monitoring

Pregnancy examinations and monitoring of late pregnant mares.

Embryo transfer

Embryo transfer can be useful if the embryo donor mare has had early embryonic death repeatedly, or the mare is for any reason incapable of carrying the foal to term.

Estrus synchronization and insemination of the donor mare: Before the embryo flushing, the estrous cycle of the donor and recipient mares are synchronized. The donor mare is inseminated and the uterus is then flushed about a week days later, when the embryo has entered the uterus.

Embryo transfer: If an embryo has developed, it is transferred to one of the recipient mares through the cervix. Within a few days, the recipient mare can be scanned and the pregnancy confirmed. Equine embryos can be shipped to another stud farm for transfer, and embryos can also be frozen for later use.

Recipient mares are needed for embryo transfer. At the moment, the university cannot provide recipient mares for clients. The owner of the donor mare can usually buy or lease 1-3 mares for the embryo transfer project. A suitable recipient mare is young, healthy and of adequate size.

Endometrial biopsies and other samples

Endometrial biopsies and samples taken for bacterial culture and cytology are analyzed at our laboratory.

Stallion semen collection and breeding soundness exams

Semen is collected for inseminations, semen shipments, semen freezing and breeding soundness exams.

Subfertile stallions

Examination, treatment and management of stallions with fertility problems. In some cases of stallion subfertility, advanced laboratory techniques can be used to increase the pregnancy rates. 

Semen freezing

Stallion semen can be collected for freezing throughout the year. In case of emergency euthanasia or castration of your stallion, we can also freeze epididymal sperm for future use.


Please contact Maria Kareskoski for more information. You can also make an appointment at the Production Animal Hospital by phone Monday through Friday, 8.00–9.00, at the following number: 02941 40700.