This group consist of professors, clinical teachers, PhD students, ECAR residents and ECAR diplomates working at institutions of higher education and in the industry.
Olli Peltoniemi

Professor, Animal Reproduction Science; EBVS specialist animal reproduction and veterinary specialist in production animal medicine. Currently leads Helsinki One Health research network at UH, recruiting 8 professorships in One Health (food safety, translational disease involving emerging diseases and animal health and welfare) and One Health activities of UNA Europa involving 8 universities across Europe. Research interests include reproductive health issues, pollution and its effect on reproduction, metabolism of lactation and oestrous cycle, obstetrics, seasonality of reproduction, animal health and welfare, especially from the point of view of resilience, pandemics and population management.

Juhani Taponen
Maria Kareskoski

Maria Kareskoski DVM PhD DiplECAR is a specialist in equine reproduction and medicine. She has been working with equine reproduction at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Helsinki since 2004. She completed her PhD thesis on stallion seminal plasma and its effects of sperm survival during storage in 2011, and got her ECAR diploma the same year. Kareskoski is also a specialist in equine medicine. Her main professional interests are problem mares, all issues related to stallions and sperm analyses, and teaching.

Maria Kareskoski Research portal

Stefan Björkman

Stefan is a clinical instructor for animal reproduction at the University of Helsinki. He is a ECAR Diplomate. His teaching and research areas focus on porcine reproduction, parturition, andrology and reproductive biotechnologies. 

Tuire Tamminen

Tuire Tamminen DVM PhD DiplECAR is specialized in small animal reproduction.

Isa Hallman
Maria Nysten
Elina Tukia
Claudio Oliviero
Eeva Mustonen
Türkan Oztas