Wikipedia edit-a-thon "Women and the Ancient Near East" (Helsinki, March 8)

The Centres of Excellence ANEE and CSTT will organise a Wikipedia edit-a-thon, open to all researchers at the Faculties of Theology and Arts (University of Helsinki), on the theme of “Women and the Ancient Near East,” in honor of International Women’s Day (March 8). The event will be held Thursday, March 8 in the Faculty of Theology, 5th floor faculty hall (Vuorikatu 3), 2pm – 6pm. We will provide training for everyone to edit Wikipedia at the event with help of Wikimedia Finland volunteers.

This is the second time the event has been organized in Finland, and a similar event was also held at the AAR/SBL annual meeting in Boston 2017. Research has shown that ca. 90 percent of Wikipedia editors are male. This has a profound impact upon what content is being created and updated on this influential encyclopedia. As Wikipedia is the most used encyclopedia and is often the first place that high school pupils, university students, and laypeople look for information, addressing this gender imbalance is of high importance.

Together, on March 8, we plan to improve both the Wikipedia pages on female scholars of the ancient Near East and on women in the ancient sources (Hebrew Bible included), in a social and casual atmosphere. The CSTT and ANEE will provide an assortment of snacks and celebratory drinks.

You are very welcome to join us! Please register (for free) here, so we can keep an accurate headcount: