Digital Assyriology in Helsinki

Professor Saana Svärd was a guest in the podcast Thin End of the Wedge, discussing cuneiform resources and new tools.

In the episode 39 'Digital Assyriology in Helsinki' Saana introduces our Centre of Excellence. She explains the new tools her team is developing to help understanding the meaning of Akkadian words. The podcast's host Jon Taylor asks her questions like 'How can the new tools help cuneiform specialists?' and 'How can they make cuneiform resources more accessible to other specialists?'

You can find the episode on the Thin End of the Wedge podcast's webpage or podcast services like Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

The content of the episode 39:

3:45 The Centre of Excellence

6:38 team goals

11:44 what digital Akkadian tools can do

19:50 why two tools?

23:23 sources and consequences

26:29 what might the future hold?

Quote from the podcast introduction by Jon Taylor:

Thin End of the Wedge explores life in the ancient Middle East. There are many wonderful stories we can tell about those people, their communities, the gritty reality of their lives, their hopes, fears and beliefs. We can do that through the objects they left behind and the cities where they once lived. Our focus is on the cultures that used cuneiform (“wedge-shaped”) writing, so mostly on ancient Iraq and nearby regions from about 3000 BC to about 100 AD. Thin End of the Wedge brings you expert insights and the latest research in clear and simple language. What do we know? How do we know anything? And why is what we know always changing? Why is any of this important today? We won’t talk to you like you’re stupid. But you won’t need any special training to understand what we’re talking about. This is an independent production by me as an individual. It is not supported by my employer or any other organisation I am involved with, and the views expressed here do not necessarily reflect theirs.