Summary of the 5th workshop on Gender, Methodology and the Ancient Near East (GeMANE)

The 5th GeMANE workshop took place as a hybrid event in the University of Helsinki and in Zoom and was hosted by Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires. 

GeMANE 5 was a continuation of GeMANE 1 (Helsinki, October 2014), GeMANE 2 (Barcelona, February 2017), and GeMANE 3 (Belgium, April 2019). Due to the global COVID 19 pandemic, GeMANE 4 was held online in June 2021.

The scientific committee consisted of (in alphabetical order) Dr. Ellie Bennett (University of Helsinki), Prof. Megan Cifarelli (Manhattanville College), Prof. Katrien De Graef (Ghent University), Dr. Agnès Garcia-Ventura (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Dr. Dennis Mizzi (University of Malta), Dr. Omar N'Shea (University of Malta), Prof. Saana Svärd (University of Helsinki).

The conference lasted three days and we heard 30 presentations plus daily keynote speakers. Each presentation was 15 minutes and was followed by 10 minutes of discussion. The program was organized in seven thematic sessions:

-Spaces of Gender in the ancient Near East (Chair: Amy Rebecca Gansell)

-Historiographic And Theoretical Reflections (Chair: Cheryl Morgan)

-The Construction of Gender in the ancient Near East (Chair: Megan Cifarelli)

-Gender, Economy, and Labour (Chair: Katrien De Graef)

-Gender and the Body (Chair: Saana Svärd)

-Gender, Literature, and Mythology (Chair: Omar N’Shea)

­-Elite Women in the ancient Near East (Chair: Ellie Bennett)

The scientifical program was accompanied by social, less formal program, which was greatly appreciated by the attendees after the last years online event. On the first evening, we watched a movie named ‘Thus Speaks Taram-Kubi. Assyrian Correspondence’ by Cécile Michel and Vanessa Tubiana-Brun. On the second night we got to enjoy a delicious dinner at Ragu. On the last day attendees had a chance to visit the ‘Exploring Ancient Near East’ -exhibition in the National Museum of Finland.

GeMANE 6 will be held at the University of Malta in mid-April 2024.