Sanna Saari's presentation on the Lion Imagery in the Ancient Near East

The first Ancient and Medieval Middle East Seminar (AMME) presentation of the autumn 2018 was given by Sanna Saari (doctoral student in the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Theology) on the Lion Imagery in the Ancient Near East. The seminar took place in the University of Helsinki.

The topic of Saari’s presentation is directly related to her current PhD project “The Iconography of Narratives: Three Cases of Lions in the Hebrew Bible Prose.” Saari’s presentation covered the typology of lion imagery from Mesopotamia, Levant, Egypt and Anatolia in the span of 3000–300 BCE and the recurring common characteristics between the portrayals of lions.

This AMME seminar was organised 2th October 2018, and the next seminar will be 30th October on Is­lamic Philo­sophy and In­tel­lec­tual His­tory.