Popularizing research on shared cultural heritage

The Finnish association Historian ystäväin liitto awards Finnish publications on history. The ANEE book popularizing ancient Near Eastern studies in Finland has received an honorary mention.

The association Historian ystäväin liitto writes that the edited volume "Muinaisen Lähi-idän imperiumit - Kadonneiden suurvaltojen kukoistus ja tuho", edited by Saana Svärd and Joanna Töyräänvuori, offers the Finnish general public an overview of a shared cultural heritage. The book especially describes the work of Finnish researchers, who have contributed significantly to the study of the ancient Near East ever since the 1800's.

Historian ystäväin liitto commends both the visual image of the volume and the refined language of the articles. They note that producing such legible popular articles on especially methodological questions requires deep understanding from the authors and editors.

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The publisher Gaudeamus provides an introduction of the book, its editors, and authors on their website. The book is available in Finnish as a physical book, an e-book, and an audiobook on the same website.