New book alert: The King as a Nodal Point of Neo-Assyrian Identity

The King as a Nodal Point of Neo-Assyrian identity, edited by Johannes Bach & Sebastian Fink was published in 2022. The aim of the book is to fill in some gaps by focusing on the pivotal role of the Assyrian monarch in identity constructs formative for the Neo-Assyrian empire and society.

The book is the result of a conference held at Helsinki University in December 2019, which was funded by ANEE. The conference was geared towards contributing to WP 1 of ANEE, "Imperial Identities". The conference was which was thematically organized, and looked at the relation of the Neo-Assyrian king with three specifics, namely enemies, elites, and gods. The book now gathers some of the contributions given at the conference. We are glad it is finally out, and thanks to the generosity of ANEE, it is completely open access!