Imperial Architecture and Identity

The special issue of the Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies Volume 9, Issue 3, 2021 co-edited by team 3 researchers Marta Lorenzon and Rick Bonnie is out! The new issue focuses on the topic of imperial architecture presenting interdisciplinary approaches to investigate the role of the built environment in shaping identities within past MENA societies.

Articles included in the issue

Imperial Architecture and Identity: An Introduction
Marta Lorenzon and Rick Bonnie
(***Open Access for 3 Months*** on JSTOR)

The Hubris of Founding a New City: Sargon II and the Creation of Dur-Sharruken
David Kertai

From Architectural Analysis to Architectural Theory: City Gates as Public Spaces in Syro-Anatolian Urban Centers
Marta Lorenzon

Typology and Multifunctionality of Public Libraries in Rome and the Empire
Antonio Lopez Garcia and Miriam Bueno Guardia

A Sustained Presence: Synagogue Buildings in Galilee during the Early
Islamic Period and Later
Rick Bonnie

Book reviews

The Neo-Assyrian Empire in the Southwest: Imperial Domination and Its
Consequences, by Avraham Faust
Reviewed by Gunnar Lehmann

Evolution of a Taboo: Pigs and People in the Ancient Near East, by Max D. Price
Reviewed by Nimrod Marom

The Enigma of the Hyksos, Volume 1: ASOR Conference Boston 2017—ICAANE
Conference Munich 2018—Collected Papers, edited by Manfred Bietak and
Sylvia Prell
Reviewed by James M. Weinstein


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