Call for Papers: Ancient Digital Humanities Workshop (Helsinki, 6 March 2018)

In recent years, a growing number of scholars of ancient history have started to explore the possibilities offered by digital humanities. The workshop ‘Ancient Digital Humanities’ aims to accelerate these developments and enter into the conversation already in progress in the larger field of history. The session brings together leading scholars who apply computational methods to the study of ancient history, culture, and literature. The term ‘ancient history’ refers here to the period extending from 3000 BCE until the beginning of the Common Era.

The workshop is organised in conjunction with the Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries 2018 conference by three research teams from the University of Helsinki: the Semantic Domains in Akkadian Texts Project and the Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires (both funded by the Academy of Finland) and the Deep Learning and Semantic Domains in Akkadian Texts Project (funded by the University of Helsinki).

The papers read at the workshop may tackle methodological issues related to the study of ancient sources with digital methods or may present the results obtained from such undertakings. Moreover, papers discussing research infrastructures, open data, and the digitalisation of ancient sources are welcome.

Titles and short (250 words) abstracts should be sent by 21 January 2018 to Tero Alstola, Authors will be notified by 28 January about whether their abstract has been accepted. For more information, contact Tero Alstola.