Blog series "Decolonizing the Ancient Near East"

ANEE and Fime are joining forces to publish a series of blog posts discussing the theme of decolonizing the study of ancient Near East.

The ANEE work group on ethics conducted a survey within ANEE. They noticed that questions of decolonizing the study of ancient Near East continue to be relevant. A series of blog posts on the theme was prepared in an effort to spread awareness of the colonial aspects of studying history in the Near East, and to contribute to decolonizing it.

The blog series "Decolonizing the Ancient Near East" is now being published in Finnish on the blog platform of Fime, the Finnish Institute in the Middle East. English versions will be published on the ANEE blog when they are available.

The texts are written by researchers and experts in different fields of science. The first entry is written by ANEE member Päivi Miettunen. She discusses the effort that archaeology and archaeologists have made in attempts to decolonize their work. The blog post is available in Finnish on the Fime blog Lähi-itä nyt.