ANEE is hiring!

The Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires (ANEE) at the University of Helsinki invites applications for a postdoctoral researcher to carry out a research project based on primary sources and by using Digital Humanities approaches.

ANEE is looking for a researcher with strong expertise in primary sources that shed light on social groups in Mesopotamia or the Levant particularly in the Neo- and Late Babylonian periods. Applicants with strong expertise in Neo-Assyrian sources will also be considered. Additionally, the chosen candidate should have knowledge of or a strong interest in quantitative methods as applied to lexical semantics. As a second research focus we will consider proposals that utilize social network approaches and apply them to Neo-Assyrian era and/or Neo-Babylonian and/or later material. 

The proposed project needs to contribute in some way to the main research question of ANEE: How do changing empires impact social group identities and lifeways? On a general level, the applicant should have a research interest in studying identities and developing new theoretical and methodological approaches in Assyriology.

The new postdoctoral position is fixed term until end of the year 2025, preferably starting on 1 June 2024, but a later date can be negotiated.

Read more details on applicant qualifications and the University of Helsinki and ANEE as a working environment in the recruitment portal. All applications are to be sent through the same recruitment portal.

The deadline for applications is 15 April, 2024.