AMME Seminar on the Nabataean Script and the Language of the Quran (Helsinki, 24 April 2018)

The April meeting of the Ancient and Medieval Middle East (AMME) seminar features two guest speakers from Leiden University, Ahmad Al-Jallad and Marijn van Putten.

Ahmad Al-Jallad: “How and why the Nabataean script dominated the Arabian Peninsula in Late Antiquity”

Marijn van Putten: “The language of the Quran: what is it, and how do we know?”

The meeting takes place on Tuesday 24 April 2018 at 5:15-7 pm in the faculty hall of the Faculty of Theology (Fabianinkatu 24, room 524, access from the inner courtyard of Vuorikatu 3).

Participation is free for all and no registration is required. Coffee and buns will be served.

You are very welcome to join us!