AMME Seminar on May 7: Migration in the Ancient World

On May 7th, the theme of the Ancient and Medieval Middle East seminar is Migration in the Ancient World.

In the times of corona, the May session of the Ancient and Medieval Middle East seminar will be held online. The topic of the session is “Migration in the Ancient World,” and our speakers are Maijastina Kahlos (University of Helsinki): “’The Humankind Is Constantly Moving to and fro’ – Migration in the Roman Empire” & Melanie Wasmuth (University of Helsinki): “The Social Impact of Cross-Regional Migration in the Late Assyrian Empire.”

The session takes place on Thursday 7 May at 4:15-6 pm via Zoom (Meeting ID: 977 494 184). For those unfamiliar with Zoom, you can find some basic instructions on the UH Helpdesk website.

This time, we are not able to serve coffee and buns. Feel free to brew and bake your own. You are very welcome to join us!