AMME Seminar on April 29: "Food in the Ancient Near East"

The theme of our April AMME session is “Food in the Ancient Near East” with speeches from Prof. Cynthia Shafer-Elliot (William Jessup University) and Rosaura Cauchi (University of Vienna). This session takes places at a different hour than usual, namely 6-7:45 pm EET time (Helsinki time).

Join us for the April Ancient and Medieval Middle East (AMME) Seminar on Thursday 29 April 2021 at 6-7:45 pm EET time (Helsinki time) in Zoom (Meeting ID: 623 2259 2487).

The theme of our April AMME session is “Food in the Ancient Near East”.
Our speakers are:

  • Prof. Cynthia Shafer-Elliott (William Jessup University): Home is Where the Food Is: Home Cooking in Ancient Judah.

The subject of food has taken a central role on the cultural stage. There are numerous podcasts, television and radio shows, celebrity chefs, and even entire television channels dedicated to the cooking of food. This trend in food has even spread to the academic arena and has been the topic of much research in various fields, including Biblical Studies and the Archaeology of the Southern Levant. In this presentation, Dr. Cynthia Shafer-Elliott will talk about the food prepared by the average ancient Judahite household. By utilizing the methods of food studies, household archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, and texts from the Hebrew Bible, she will attempt to understand better what and how the Judahites prepared their food on a daily basis.

  • Rosaura Cauchi (University of Vienna): Bread production in private contexts in the 1st Millennium BCE Babylonia

This paper deals with bread production and bakers in a non-institutional context in the first millennium BCE Babylonia. The aim is to understand the social background of the bakers, what their tasks were, their level of specialization and in which context and places they were operating. Furthermore, the level of bread production and the value of bread on the market will be investigated. The analysis will bring together philological, iconographical and archaeological sources.

Please that this session on Thursday 29 April takes places at a different hour than usual, namely 6-7:45 pm EET time (Helsinki time) ONLINE in Zoom (Meeting ID: 623 2259 2487).