AMME Seminar on 28 January: Identity and Culture

Join 2021’s first Ancient and Medieval Middle East (AMME) Seminar on Thursday 28 January at 4:15-6 pm EET time.

We wish you all a wonderful 2021!  May it be a prosperous year, with a good health for all.   

As AMME team we are dedicated to continue in 2021 the tradition of inviting interdisciplinary scholars from across the world, to discuss, question, and enhance research of the Ancient and Medieval Middle East.

The theme of our January session is “Identity and Culture”.  

Our speakers are:      

  • Ilkka Lindstedt (University of Helsinki): “Recategorization and Early Islamic Identity”    
  • Raimo Hakola (University of Helsinki): “Jewish Cultural Encounters with the Greco-Roman Worlds: Examples from the History of Research and New Perspectives” 

The session takes place Thursday 28 January at 4:15-6pm EET time ONLINE via ZOOM (Meeting ID: 623 2259 2487).