AMME Program: Spring 2023

We are pleased to announce the exciting spring program of the Ancient and Medieval Middle East (AMME) seminars series.

The four seminars will be organized as hybrid events at the University of Helsinki and in Zoom (details below).


Each themed session will consist of two talks followed by a shared discussion, and everyone is most welcome to participate!


Thursday 19.01.23 (16:15-18:00 EET): Social Complexity in Ancient Societies

- Prof. Dr. Christiana Köhler: “Socio-cultural Complexity in the Egyptian Nile Valley during the 4th and 3rd Mill. BCE”

- Asst. Prof. Dr. Dries Daems: “Reconceptualising Social Complexity Trajectories: Feedback Loops, Causal Mechanisms and Sunk-costs in Complex Social Systems”


Thursday 23.02.23 (16:15-18:00 EET): Men and Women in Ancient Texts

- Dr. Patricia Bou Perez: "'Be a Real Man!': How Should We Understand the “Hegemonic Masculinity” in the Old Babylonian Period?"

- Prof. Dr. Agnès Garcia-Ventura & Prof. Dr. Fumi Karahashi: “Socio-economic Aspects and Agency of Female Maš-da-ri-a Contributors in Presargonic Lagash”


Tuesday 16.03.23 (16:15-18:00 EET): Embodied Emotions in the Ancient World

- Dr. Marika Pulkkinen: “Embodied Emotions: Shame and Disgust Provoked through Sexual Invectives in Hebrew Bible and in the Septuagint”

- Dr. Ellie Bennet: “Embodying Emotions in Neo-Assyrian Texts: Initial Results from Co-Occurrence Networks”


Thursday 27.04.23 (16:15-18:00 EEST): Ancient Thoughts on Robots and Science

- Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elly R. Truitt: "Servants of Power: Ancient and Medieval Automata"

- Prof. Dr. George Saliba: “The Social and Political Value of Entertainment: Robotic Features of Medieval Islamic Mechanical Devices”


All sessions can be attended in person (Faculty hall, Fabianinkatu 24, room 524) or virtually via Zoom ( / Meeting ID: 678 8979 2118).


We hope to see you there!