AMME Program: Spring 2022

Four Ancient and Medieval Middle East (AMME) seminars are organized as online (or hybrid) events at the University of Helsinki this spring. The seminars consist of two talks followed by a shared discussion, and everyone are most welcome to join!

Monday 24.01.22 (NB:18:00-19:45 EET): Modern Perspectives on Ancient Migration (online)

  • Dr. Nina Maaranen: People in Motion – Bioanthropology as a Tool for Investigating Past Migration and Mobility
  • Dr. Vana Kalenderian: Interpreting Death: Migration and Burial in Roman Beirut

Thursday 24.02.22 (16:15-18:00 EET): Cultic Experts in the Ancient World (online or hybrid) 

  • Dr. Sandra Jacobs: Language of Temple (Personnel) Consecration: From Babylon to the Hebrew Bible
  • Dr. Outi Sihvonen: Taking Care of the Cultic Practices – The Assistants of the Arval Brethren and the Vestal Virgins

Thursday 24.03.22 (16:15-18:00 EET): Decipherment of Ancient Scripts (online or hybrid) 

  • Dr. Thomas Christiansen: The Twisted Roads Leading to the Decipherment of the Hieroglyphs: From Horapollo to Champollion
  • Dr. Irving Finkel: Cuneatics and Cuneiform: the Deciphering Days

Thursday 05.05.22 (16:15-18:00 EEST): Teaching the Ancient Past (online or hybrid)

  • Dr. Heinz Felber & Prof. Dr. Monica Hanna: Teaching the Past from a Heritage Perspective – the Cologne Aswan Summer School in Heritage Studies
  • Dr. Aris Politopoulos: Virtual Past, Playful Present: Video Games and Learning about the Past


All sessions can be attended virtually via Zoom ( / Meeting ID: 678 8979 2118). In the case of hybrid events, the format and on campus location will be announced in the session specific posts – so stay tuned.

We hope to see you online (or in person)!