18 February AMME Seminar: "Rediscovering Ancient Near Eastern Pasts"

We are excited to announce that the February theme of the Ancient and Medieval Middle East (AMME) Seminar is “Rediscovering Ancient Near Eastern Pasts”.

We lined up two brilliant speakers:     

  • Prof. Billie Melman (Tel Aviv University):  A New "Regime of Antiquities": Empires, Modernity, and the Rediscovery of the Ancient Near East between two World Wars.  
  • dr. Rick Bonnie (University of Helsinki): “Rediscovering the material Middle East in Finnish museum collections"

The ONLINE session takes place Thursday 18 February at 4:15-6 pm EET time in Zoom (Meeting ID: 623 2259 2487) https://helsinki.zoom.us/j/62322592487.


Here is a sneak peak to this semester's program:  

25 March 2021 “Revolts and Rebellions”  

  • Uzume Wijnsma (Leiden University) "The rebellions of Achaemenid Egypt: a comparison between Greco-Roman and Egyptian evidence."
  • Dir. Dr. Antti Lampinen (Finnish Institute at Athens)  “The Greco-Roman Image of Alexandria as a Chronically Rebellious City”

29 April 2021 “Food in the ANE: Theory and Practice” (! starts at 6 pm EET time!)

  • Prof. Shafer-Elliott (William Jessup University) “Home is Where the Food Is: Home Cooking in Ancient Judah.”
  • Seamus Blackley "Egyptian bread and breadmaking"

27 May 2021 “New Women and Old Men: Comparative Views on Origin Stories”  

  • Katja von Schöneman ”Creation of woman in rabbinic, sunnite and shiite traditions in feminist discourse analysis
  • Dr. Jessi Orpana (University of Helsinki) ”Biblical Patriarchs in Genesis traditions, Aramaic Qumran texts and the Book of Jubilee”