10 facts about the oldest empires in the world

Youtuber Ville Mäkipelto, who has a Doctorate in Theology, showcases the ancient Near East in a new video made in paid cooperation with ANEE. What do we know about the oldest civilizations in the world, and how do we know it?

The video lists ten interesting facts on ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt and their research and study in Helsinki. From writing systems to the calendar and archaeological digs, Mäkipelto opens a window into a long-established yet obscure field of research. What do spy satellites have to do with it? And who was the Sumerian princess, priestess, and first known author, Enheduanna?

Mäkipelto interviews associate professor and director of ANEE Saana Svärd, postdoctoral researcher Tero Alstola and student Caro Liikanen. You can familiarize yourself with the center of excellence on this site and read about available teaching here.

The video has Finnish audio with subtitles in Finnish and English. Click Settings on YouTube to select the language.