Recycled fertilisers and soil amendments

We study the use of recycled nutrients from industry side streams and wastes in primary production.

We have ongoing and past field experiments, where we test the effects of recycled fertilisers and soil amendments on yields, soils and to the environment. The recycled nutrients originate from agriculture, forest and food industry or from processing of municipal wastes. In Finland, 21 million tons of these carbon and nutrient rich materials are formed annually. By utilising these biomasses, mineral fertilisers can be replaced, carbon sequestration in agricultural lands and soil quality properties enhanced, and nutrient leaching reduced.


In Good Yield With Recycled Fertilizers-project (HYKERRYS, Tila-HYKERRYS and HYKERRYS2) we are testing a wide range of recycled fertilisers and soil amendments in collaboration with three major recycling fertilizer producers in Finland. Our aim is to produce reliable data to farmers and other stakeholders about the effects of these fertilisers to yield formation, soil physio-chemical- and biological properties including environmental aspects and economical profitability. Our main field experiment with five year crop rotation is in Haltiala, Helsinki and we have had reach-out field trials on 3 different locations in Southern Finland. For further details contact project coordinator Mari Unnbom (mari.unnbom(at)


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People working in Recycled fertilisers and soil amendments

Priit Tammeorg, Docent, University lecturer

Sari Kin­nula, PhD stu­dent

Mari Unnbom, MSc.