Localized food systems

We aim to study the ecological and social impacts of localizing the food system.

e specifically explore the impact more localized food systems have on food production and other ecosystem services. In addition, we approach the social side of localizing food systems through investigating consumer perceptions of the “localness” of food and the values that make up their personal imaginary of what makes something local.

One model we have used for a localized and circular food production system is Agroecological Symbiosis (AES). AES refers to a model of food production in which participating farms, food processors, and energy producers cooperate to create a local food system. Our current projects involve studying the synergies and evaluating the trade-offs of integrating food and energy production on ecosystem services at different spatial scales in Finland. We implement models to gain a better understanding of these impacts.

If you would like to learn about one of our pilot projects in localized food systems, please check out this.

People working under localized food systems:

Kari Koppelmäki, PhD student

Sophia Hagolani-Albov, PhD student