PhD dissertations, and MSc theses done in the Agroecology Research Group.

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Doctoral Dissertations

Traci Birge, 2017. The nature of farmers: farm-level decision making for farmland conservation targets

Riho Marja, 2013. The relationships between farmland birds, land use and landscape structure in Northern Europe (in Tartu University)

Paul Riesinger, 2010. Agronomic challenges for organic crop husbandry

Marjaana Toivonen, 2010. Enhancing biodiversity of agricultural environment through environmental fallows




"Contribution of High Nature Value farming systems to sustainable and healthy diets in Europe" - Torres-Miralles, Miriam.

“Improving soil properties with Acacia seyal agroforestry and biochar: implications for sorghum production on the drylands of South Sudan” - Deng, Biar.

"Pollination efficiency of insects on crops" - Toikkanen, Jenni.

"Socio-cultural perceptions of food systems from the farmyard to the city center" - Hagolani-Albov, Sophia.

"The use of pulp mill sludges from forest industry as fertilizer and soil improver in agriculture -the effect on yields, nutrient leaching, and greenhouse gas emissions" - Sari Kinnula. 

Master Theses

Associated to Biodiversity and ecosystem services

Heli Lehtinen, 2019. Harvesting herbaceous biomasses for biogas production: impacts on species richness of cultivated agricultural landscape

Riina Koivuranta, 2018. Innovation in nature management on farmland in Finland 

Iida Viholainen, 2016. Values of pasture meat in direct selling – consumers’ perceptions

Riina Järvelä, 2014. Perennial nature management fields as an environment of plants and pollinator insects

Outi Kankaanpää, 2013. Digital photographs and object-based image analysis in vegetation surveys 

Ilse Sahlberg: Contribution of wild pollinators to the rape-seed yield

Associated to High Nature Value farming systems

Milka Keinänen, 2020. Impacts of Innovations in High Nature Value farming areas 

Saana Laanti. 2013. Farmers’ views about management of traditional forest pastures 

Associated to HYKERRYS

Kai Granqvist, 2019 The effect of recycled nutrients on the yield and yield components of Faba bean on Uusimaa, Finland 

Venla Kyttä, 2019 Environmental impacts of recycled fertilizers in production of oat (Avena Sativa) 

Mari Unnbom, 2019 Yield formation of oat (Avena sativa L. ’Obelix’) fertilized with four recycled fertilizers 

Qiuchen Huang, 2018 Nitrogen use efficiency of rye (Secale cereale) using organic fertilizers 

Ossi Kinnunen, 2018 Nitrogen flows and nitrogen field balance of oat (Avena sativa L.) fertilized with recycled fertilizers 


Roosa Ritola, 2019. Sustainability dimensions in Finnish food policy documents 

Elina Nurmi, 2015. Implementation of ecological recycling agriculture in organic beef production