Our group provides high quality teaching based on modern pedagogy and innovative practices to enhance active learning.

We are active in international educational activities through NOVA and Erasmus networks and projects.


RUR’UP promotes innovative education for sustainable development in peripheral rural areas. The transnational project funded under Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership involves seven higher education institutions and organizations active in education. The participating partners intend to produce a variety of educational materials and carry out learning activities specifically targeted to rural areas.


High Nature Value Farming: Learning, Innovation and Knowledge, was funded under Horizon2020, aimed at developing and sharing of innovations that support farming systems in areas of exceptional natural values across Europe through a multi-actor approach. It produced a diverse set of educational materials

HNV-Link EU - Education


Innovative Education towards the Needs of the Organic Sector -project, funded under Erasmus+, aimed to develop, test and implement innovative educational materials and methods addressing the needs of the labour market in organic sector and beyond.

More about EPOS project (in Finnish)