Our group consists of three professor positions, four university lecturers and several doctoral students and post doctoral researchers.
Sipiläinen Timo

Professor in Agricultural Economics (Production Economics and Farm Management)

My research focuses on farm businesses, mainly from two different perspectives. Firstly, I study the management and decision-making at the farm level. Secondly, I am interested in the measurement of productivity and efficiency and utilization of their metrics to support decision making.

I teach both elementary courses in farm management and more advanced production and cost theory.

Timo's research and CV

Sumelius John

Professor in Agricultural Economics (Production Economics and Farm Management)

My research relates to farm sector and the food supply chain, especially production economics, farm management, agricultural development and food security  in the developing world, agri-environmental issues, economic analysis of farms and rural industries. I have coordinated several research projects relating to an African or Asian context, both EU- and nationally funded.

I teach production economics, farm management and basic econometrics.

John's research and CV

Irz Xavier

Professor in Agricultural/Food Economics, Policy and Markets

The focus is to apply the toolkit of economics to analyse the behaviours of agents from farm to fork and the functionality of agri-food markets.  Our research informs the development of solutions for fair, efficient, competitive and sustainable agri-food chains at national and regional levels.

Sustainability assessement covers the topics like trade and environment, food waste, regional effects of dietary changes and competition and market power in agri-food chain.

Hyytiä Nina

University lecturer in Agricultural Economics (Agricultural Policy)

My main research interests are agricultural-, rural-, and regional policies and their contributions to rural- and regional development.

I teach undergraduate courses linked to these topics. For Master’s students, I teach a course of general equilibrium modeling and multiplier analysis.

Nina's research and CV

Rantamäki-Lahtinen Leena

University lecturer in Agricultural Economics (Production Economics and Farm Management)

Director of Masters programme in agricultural-, environmental and resource economics from 2/2018 -

I have done research especially on the field of strategic management of diversified farms, and other small businesses such as equine enterprises.

I am teaching strategic management course at master’s level and  production planning courses at the undergraduate programmes.

Leena's research and CV

Bäckman Stefan

University lecturer in Agricultural Economics ( Production Economics and Farm Management)

My main research intereste are economics of plant production, farm planning and efficiency and productivity of agriculture. Additionally, I have been involved in the analysis of agriculture in developing countries.

I teach micro and macro economics and mathematical programming.

Stefan's research and CV

Qiuzhen Chen

University researcher in Agricultural Economics

I investigate agricultural economics, especially in agricultural externality, multifunctional agriculture, and sustainable agriculture. Agricultural support policy, agri-environmental issues, and rural development.  Responsible investment in agri-food sector, and corporate social responsibility.

I teach intemediate microeconomics in our master program.

Chen's research and CV

Sievänen Riikka

Post doctoral researcher in Agricultural Economics

My main research interest is in responsible investments.

Riikka's research and CV

Feroze Rehan

Post doctoral researcher in Agricultural Economics

My research topic is on-farm diversification in developing countries.

Feroze's research and CV

Ingutia Rose

Visiting scholar, Doctor in Agricultural Economics

My research field is development studies. I investigate powerty and education in African countries.

Rose's research and CV

Yigit Furkan

Doctoral researcher in Agricultural Economics (Production economics and farm management)

My main research topic is entrepreneurship in agriculture and family farming.

I organize AGERE master seminars.

Starr Antony

Doctoral Researcher in Agricultural/Food Economics, Policy and Markets

Friman Aino

Doctoral Researcher in Agricultural/Food Economics, Policy and Markets


My research focuses on the economics of food waste, especially household food waste behaviour and the economic effects of food waste reduction.

Emeritus professors

Pekka Mäkinen, emeritus professor in Rural entrepreneurship

Matti Ylätalo, emeritus professor in Production Economics and Farm Management