We are proud to have the following institutions and researchers as our partners and collaborators.

University of Helsinki

CEACG is located at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki. See the homepage of University of Helsinki

Finnish Institution for Health and Welfare (THL)

CEACG has a research cooperation contract with THL. See the homepage of THL

The Finnish Foundation for Alcohol Studies (ATS)

Some individual CEACG researchers receive funding from ATS. See the homepage of ATS

Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention (EHYT)

CEACG researchers frequently cooperate with EHYT researchers. See the homepage of EHYT

Uppsala University

CEACG researchers have affiliations at Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden. See the homepage of Uppsala University

University of Tampere, Welfare Sciences Unit

CEACG collaborates with the Welfare Sciences Unit on TRESINO-project. See the homepage of Tampere University, Welfare Sciences Unit

University of Glasgow, Gambling Research Group

CEACG collaborates with the GRG on research on political economy of gambling and gambling regulation. See the homepage of University of Glasgow, Gambling Research Group


Academic Partners

Anu Katainen

Dr Anu Katainen’s work covers public health and consumption in the intersection of social inequalities, substance use and health promotion efforts. Her doctoral dissertation (2011) concerned the social stratification of smoking behavior, and she has since studied distinctions related to culture and class in adolescents’ meaning-making of alcohol. Katainen is a university lecturer in social policy at the University of Helsinki. 

Franca Beccaria

Dr Franca Beccaria is the head of the research unit at Eclectica Institute for research and training that she founded in 1998 in Turin, Italy. She is an internationally well-known sociologist, working on drinking culture, drug consumption, addiction, lifestyles and policies. She has participated in many cross-countries studies and led several research projects with about 150 publications. She has the Italian qualification of Associate professor in sociology and the position of docent at the University of Helsinki. She is the vice director of the European Masters in Alcohol and Drug Studies (EMDAS) at the University of Piemonte Orientale (IT).

Matilda Hellman

Dr Matilda Hellman was the Head of group, 2016-2022. Matilda Hellman is part-time affiliated with CEACG as researcher. She supervises several doctoral students and serves as editor in chief for the Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (NAD). She also leads projects concerned with gambling marketing and alcohol policy and during 2022-2023, she is developing the theory of epistemic projects with a research grant from the Gyllenberg foundation. Matilda’s main affiliation is as professor of sociology at Uppsala university (

Sara Rolando

Dr Sara Rolando has been working as a social researcher at Eclectica since 2007. After several years of collaboration with Finnish research teams, she achieved her doctoral degree at the University of Helsinki, Finland, with a thesis comparing youth drinking cultures in different geographies. An expert in qualitative, web-based, and comparative methods, her main research interests are alcohol, gambling, drugs, and other addictive behaviours, which she has been investigating from different perspectives including cultures, careers, prevention, policies. She is currently working in PolEG 2018-2022 project on gambling revenues in seven European countries.

Sanna Rönkä

Dr Sanna Rönkä’s current research projects focus on social aspects of drug use. She employs both quantitative and qualitative methods in her work, and operates in the fields of sociology, social epidemiology and criminology. Her PhD thesis examined polydrug-related deaths in the context of pharmaceuticalisation. Currently she is also responsible for drug monitoring at the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL). Rönkä has a broad experience in coordinating several expert networks. Her research interests concern also use and harm of other substances and addictive behaviours, and specifically their societal implications.

Riikka Perälä

Dr Riikka Perälä’s research interests cover the transformations in the government-civil society relationship in Finland in the beginning of 21st century and the position of the most marginalized citizen groups in these transformations. Her latest publications concerned opioid substitution treatment and ‘housing first’ initiatives in the field of mental health and substance abuse treatment. In her current position as Coordinator of Development and Advocacy Work
at the Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention, she follows actively the development of national policies and legislation related to substance abuse treatment.

Johan Svensson

Dr Johan Svensson has a background in Public Health Science. His research has come to focus especially on two areas; trends in youth alcohol consumption and gambling among youth. Since 2017 he investigates online marketing of alcohol and gambling. Svensson is the principal executive investigator for the Swedish part of the Online Marketing of Alcohol (OMA) project. The project looks at online marketing and advertising of alcohol in Sweden and in Finland in the light of recent policy changes, asking whether regulation of online advertising is possible and relevant from a public health perspective.


Networks and Affiliates

NAD Journal

Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (NAD) is a fully peer-reviewed, open access journal for social science research on alcohol and drugs, as well as other substances and behaviours, such as gambling, gaming, eating, and smoking. NAD is published by Nordic Welfare Centre in cooperation with Sage Journals and University of Helsinki. NAD is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and the International Society for Addiction Journal Editors (ISAJE).

The editorial office of NAD is situated at the CEACG, in the same office localities at the University of Helsinki. The editors are members of the research group’s work community and participate in the group’s activities.

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Peliverkko is a network of gambling researchers and experts, which offers the participants an opportunity to present their research projects at different stages, as well as the opportunity for networking. Peliverkko meets four times a year. Peliverkko is coordinated by the University of Helsinki and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

For more information, please contact: 

Michael Egerer (CEACG, University of Helsinki)

Jani Selin (THL)