Our latest happenings.
Autumn, 2023

September 13rd
Andrea Vizcaíno-Castillo will be presenting a poster at the Molecular Parasitology Meeting at Boston starting from this Sunday, till Thursday. Enjoy and have some fun there, Andrea! We are rooting for you.

September 11th
Gloria Asensio-Juarez from the research group of Miguel Vicente-Manzanares in Spain, is here to join us for 3 months for an exciting collaboration.

Parijat Biswas has joined our group as a Post-doc! We definitely need to have some beers with you soon!! 

August 25th
A scientist, lab logo designer, artist, painter, climber, camper, cyclist, athletic runner, from our group has defended her thesis. Way to go, Reena!

August 1st
Sarah Körber has joined our group as a Post-doc! We look forward to getting to know you better (: