Our latest happenings.
Autumn, 2023

December 11th
Gloria Asensio-Juarez has left our group after 3 months of research visit. You fit really well with our group, and we wish you nothing but the best for your final stretch before defending your doctoral thesis in Spain! 

November 30th
Reena Kumari will be presenting a talk about our discovery on the functionally-distinct actin filament nanoscale layers at ASCB Boston on Sunday, Dec 3rd, 4:00pm M3. Join us for discussions at her poster too, at Exhibit Hall AB, Board No. B48, Dec 5th, Tuesday at 1:45pm. Have a blast!

October 12th
Reena Kumari has collected her Doctor of Philosophy diploma from the office today! It's official, we need to address her "Dr. Kumari" going forward.

September 13rd
Andrea Vizcaíno-Castillo will be presenting a poster at the Molecular Parasitology Meeting at Boston starting from this Sunday, till Thursday. Enjoy and have some fun there, Andrea! We are rooting for you.

September 11th
Gloria Asensio-Juarez from the research group of Miguel Vicente-Manzanares in Spain, is here to join us for 3 months for an exciting collaboration.

Parijat Biswas has joined our group as a Post-doc! We definitely need to have some beers with you soon!! 

August 25th
A scientist, lab logo designer, artist, painter, climber, camper, cyclist, athletic runner, from our group has defended her thesis. Way to go, Reena!

August 1st
Sarah Körber has joined our group as a Post-doc! We look forward to getting to know you better (: