CFP: Transfer of knowledge: journey and ports cities in the global system (16th-19th Century)

International Conference Venice 24-25 September 2019

Fabio D’Angelo (Università di San Marino),
Giulia Delogu (Università Ca’ Foscari),
Antonio Trampus (Università Ca’ Foscari)
Keynote speakers:
Pierre Yves Beaurepaire (Université de Nice “Sophia Antipolis”),
Matthieu Grenet (Université de Toulouse),
Richard Whatmore (University of St. Andrews)
The conference aims to inaugurate an international and
multidisciplinary debate on knowledge transfer through travels
and the port cities. Therefore, the aim is to offer a new transversal
reading of mobility (of things, people, and ideas). It will investigate
the cultural history of mobility, but also material aspect of the
journey, going well beyond a purely anecdotal and documentary
approach, unifying its contents.
The conference also intends to analyze the cultural and historical
processes of knowledge transfer through an innovative approach,
which takes into account at the same time ‘nodes’ and ‘networks’
that intersect through the port cities. In fact, in the global network
of knowledge diffusion, a series of webs, made up of travelers, and
a series of fundamental nodal points such as the port cities can be
identified. In particular, the following aspects are to be investigated:
- the ways of global circulation of women and men, ideas and assets;
- transmission of information;
- the importance of port cities as economic, political and cultural
- the role of travelers as mediators of knowledge;
- management, legal and administrative, and the reception of
travelers, in particular exiles and refugees.
Deadline is May 31st, 2019. Successful applicants will be notified
by June 14th . Proposals related to the abovementioned topics are
welcomed in Italian, English or French.
Please send the following to and in .doc(x), .rtf, or .pdf format:
the title and abstract (around 500 words) of the paper; a short
bio (max. 1 page) containing information on education, research
experience and interest, current position, publications
Pending peer review, the papers will be taken into account for

Dipartimento di Studi Linguistici
e Culturali Comparati
Transfer of knowledge:
journey and ports cities
in the global system
(16th-19th Century)
International Conference
Venice September 24th – 25th, 2019