The station is located about 900 km northeast from Helsinki and about 6 km from the eastern border of Finland.

Coordinates (ETRS89) are 67° 44.860', 29° 36.620'. As the station is surrounded by a strict nature reserve, staying and walking in the area is subject to licence.

One can reach the station by car or taxi. The nearest railway stations are in Kemijärvi and Rovaniemi. Distance to Rovaniemi is about 268 km.

Arrival instructions to the station parking lot by the river Yli-Nuortti: Drive north from Savukoski along the river Kemijoki, the longest river in Finland. Turn right towards Tulppio at the crossroads in Lattuna. Turn right towards Ainijärvi soon after the tourist attraction at Tulppio. Once you reach the former border guard station at Ainijärvi, turn again right and drive past the garage building. Continue 3 km along a narrow forest road to the parking lot. You arrive first on a larger parking place (for coaches etc.) and somewhat later to a smaller one along the river. In winter, the road is ploughed only until Ainijärvi, from where you continue by skiing or with a snow mobile. The address, which your navigator might find, is Ainijärventie 114, 98800 Savukoski.

The distance from the parking lot along river Yli-Nuortti to the station is about 5 km. The route goes along a gravel track, and e.g. hiking boots are good for walking there. For larger luggage and if necessary for people as well you may get a lift with a four-wheeler or a snow mobile and a trailer, depending on the season. It is advisable to ask for the lift well in advance. Note that mobile phones work occasionally poorly between Savukoski and Värriö. Always agree beforehand on your arrival at the station, as staying in the strict nature reserve is not allowed without a permit. The easternmost part of the strict nature reserve belongs to the border area, where you need a special permit from the Finnish Border Guard.