Specific programs 2023

Registration for the Foundations on Scientific Diving and Occupational Scientific Diver course at Tvärminne Zoological Station opens on the 9th of January 2023.

Foundations on Scientific Diving

Course 1: Apr 24th - May 5th, application period  Jan 9th to March 3rd 
Course 2: Jun 26 - 30th / July 31st - Aug 4th, application period March 6th to May 28th

This program is at entry level for a non-diver to begin diving, covering the basic fundamentals of diving aimed for scientific work underwater. Successful completion of this program allows a diver to enter the Occupational Scientific Diver program directly.

For information on Onni Talas scholarships, please see below!

Occupational Scientific Diver (AESD)

Course 1: May 8th - Jun 21st, registration period Jan 9th - Apr 24th
Course 2: Aug 7th - Sep 20th, registration period Jan 9th - Jun 23rd 

This program introduces and develops skills in all the areas of running scientific diving projects, supervision and management of dive teams, emergency plans and diving skills. The result will be individuals trained for participation in research projects with foundations in scientific diving skills, experience with an array of equipment and the ability to plan efficient diving operations. Course is meets the standards of training for competency at the Advanced European Scientific Diver level.

For information on Onni Talas scholarships, please see below!

Rebreather Scientific Diving

Course date: October 9th - Nov 3rd, registration period Jan 9th - Sep 1st

This program is aimed to train divers qualified on rebreathers tin their application to scientific diving based projects. Training includes underwater scientific techniques, project safety and risk management, applications of rebreathers to advance research and planning diving operations.

Course meets the standards of competency at the European Scientific Diver level.

Basic Scientific Dive Skills

Course date: July 31st - Aug 5th, registration period Jan 9th - May 28th

This program is aimed to introduce both students and divers interested in scientific diving to basic skills commonly used in by research scientists underwater. Participants will gain the knowledge and skills to assist in conservation, monitoring and other citizen science based projects.

Full Face Mask                 

Course date: July 3rd - 7th, registration period Jan 9th - Jun 9th

This program covers the basic use of FFM and underwater communications for applications to scientific diving activities underwater. Training includes full face masks use, communication and applications and tether lines in conjunction with operations.

This program is a a stand alone for dives looking for FFM training or an additional module for upgrading European Scientific Diver levels or crossovers into the European System.

For registration and information please contact: FSDA coordinator Edd Stockdale.

The FSDA offers education for both professional scientists

looking for specialist or more advanced training, student level courses and citizen scientists interested in developing their dive training in that area. 

Training can be obtained by both Finnish and overseas individuals or groups with collaborative connections for European levels of certification.

More specialist courses in polar research diving, underwater propulsion vehicles and other advanced technologies can be offered by arrangement with the Academy.

Customised training programs can be established on request with the Coordinator for specific research projects in addition to consultancy services in expedition logistics, field work and equipment design.