Policy support

Scientists at Tvärminne Zoological station work within CoastClim (The Centre for Coastal Ecosystem and Climate Change Research) to evaluate the links between coastal biodiversity, carbon cycling, and climate feedbacks. The data will serve as a foundation of a new decision-support system to improve the use and management of coastal ecosystems with the potential for climate change mitigation.
Policy briefs in cooperation with the Baltic Sea Centre at Stockholm University

Policy briefs are summaries of scientific knowledge, usually connected to a current managemental development or political proceeding, that aim to enhance engagement in important Baltic Sea issues. 

Tvärminne Zoological Station has a strategic cooperation with the Baltic Sea Centre at Stockholm University and policy briefs about the current research are published in cooperation.

Policy briefs and fact sheets contain scientifically based information to policy makers. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like a printed copy of any of the publications!


Policy brief: Healthy coastal ecosystems are crucial to mitigate climate change

The coastal zones are among the most effective areas on Earth at sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. Treated right, these ecosystems are important corner-stones in climate change mitigation, but if degraded, they instead release large amounts of greenhouse gases, re-enforcing global warming. Urgent action is needed to preserve and restore the Baltic Sea coasts and use these systems to work in favor of the climate – not against it.

Webinar: Baltic Breakfast at Baltic Sea Centre 25.8.2021