About the project Pathways to Science and Research Stations' R&D&I services

Kilpisjärvi Biological Station has got funding for the project "Pathways to Science and Research Stations' R&D&I services" in which digital science trails are created and implemented on popular hiking routes in Kilpisjärvi, and University of Helsinki's Lapland's research stations' (Kilpisjärvi, Värriö, Muddusjärvi) data- and R&D&I-services are developed.

Science trails improve visitors' understanding of their travel destination, they create both curiosity and provide answers, and develop scientific tourism in the area. Science trails provide new ways to experience a familiar destination for returning visitors and attract new visitors to the destination. Science trails also provide a platform for sharing scientific knowledge and enable local businesses to develop new products based on their content. In addition, the projects develops Laplands research stations' data- and R&D&I -services for private businesses. This work strengthens Lapland's regional R&D&I-service network and enhances innovation on private sector.

Outputs of the project include:

(A) Digital science trails in Kilpisjärvi area on existing physical trails and

(B) an action plan on data- and R&D&I-services.

Digital science trails are designed to enhance further product development for the private sector - especially for businesses on tourism. Work on science trails include designing or choosing a digital platform that makes further content production possible, creating the content itself and supporting material on the content. In addition, local businesses are introduced to the content thus providing opportunities for further product development (such as guide services). The action plan on data- and R&D&I-services includes a description of each of the R&D&I-services designed in the project. In addition, the action plan includes a description of possible data sharing platforms and suggestions for further actions.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund via the Regional Council of Lapland.

Project name: Pathways to Science and Research Stations' R&D&I services

Policy: 2. Production and utilisation of latest knowledge and expertise

Specific objective: 4.1. Developing research, competence and innovation clusters that draw from regional strength

Duration of the project: 01.09.2021-30.06.2023, 22 months

Project code: A78116

EU and State funding granted: 197 478 euros