Kilpisjärvi science trails

The Kilpisjärvi Science Trails are digital science trails discoverable through the Kilpisjärvi Science Trails app or online. This digital touring guide takes you through old mountain birch forest, past a waterfall, and alongside beautiful clear lakes to the top of fells - including Finland’s most recognizable fell - Saana.
Discover Kilpisjärvi through Science Trails

Discover Finland's most mountainous scenery with calming and endless wilderness as well as vivid and rare animal and plant life. The Kilpisjärvi Science Trails offer you amazing scenery and science as you walk along the stony paths of Saana Science Trail, Saanajärvi Science Trail, Tsahkal Science Trail and Salmivaara Science Trail. You will learn how the smell of the mountain birch forest can form clouds, and how it is possible that reindeer grazing protects arctic and alpine plants - which of course sounds a bit odd when reindeers are…well…eating plants.

The fingertip of Finland's wild north-western arm - Kilpisjärvi - has all the ingredients for making your trip unforgettable. Head up to Kilpisjärvi to discover the Kilpisjärvi Science Trails and the beautiful nature they are located in or have a look at the short introductions to the trails below.

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