Pricing in the Lammi Biological Station

Accommodation and food

Students (BSc, MSc, Finnish studentcard ) when paying yourself. In order to get the luch support you have to show your student card when paying. Double room, own linen and towels, shared bathroom.

  UH Students Students from other Finnish universities
  VAT 0% VAT 0%
Breakfast 3.80 3.80
Lunch or dinner (incl 1.94 subsidy, once per day) 2.95 2.95
Lunch or dinner (without subsidy) 5.50 5.50
Accommodation, per person 7.00 22.00
Extra fee for single room 5.00 5.00

UH internal & collaborators, such as personnel & researchers & researchers with scholarship (work-related) / research projects with an official collaboration with UH. UH seminars / Finnish doctoral courses / Finnish high school and polytechnic courses / foreign BSc and MSc students (thesis work). Linen and towels included, shared bathroom.

Others, such as non-UH seminars and research projects, foreign university courses, visitors (also UH personnel, researchers and researchers with scholarship in free time). Linen and towels included, shared bathroom.

  UH internal & collaborators Others
  incl VAT Incl. VAT
Breakfast 6.50 10.90
Lunch 9.35 12.70
Dinner 9.35 12.70
Coffee & pastry 3.50 4.65
Extra fee for weekend meals (lunch, dinner) 2.90 2.90
Accommodation, double room, per night 68.00 88.00
Accommodation, single room, per night 49.00 65.00
Long-term accommodation 2 weeks (single room) 370.00 470.00
Long-term accommodation 4 weeks (single room) 590.00 740.00

Research services pricing

Water chemistry analyses are available to all customers. Please see the list below for the available analyses.

We also offer a broad range of research services, such as:

  • Water sampling
  • Oxygen and temperature profile of water column measurements
  • Phytoplankton identification
  • Water quality reports and nutrient loading investigations etc.

LBS vehicles (vans, boats and snowmobiles) are available to researchers and projects.

Please contact Matti Kotakorpi for more information about research services.


Total suspended solids
"Colour "
Alkalinity and pH
O2 (titration)
Total nitrogen
Total phosphorus (acid)
Ammonium NH4-N
Phosphate PO4-P
Nitrate + nitrite NO3 + NO2
Fe,Na,Mg,K,Ca (combined)
Fe,Na,Mg,K,Ca (per pcs)
Chloride, sulphate and NO3 (combined)
Chloride, sulphate and NO3 (per pcs)
Total organic carbon TOC
Dissolved organic carbon DOC
Dissolved inorganic carbon DIC
Chlorophyll a
Isotopes (14C, 3H)
Bactery production (14C)
Primary production(14C)