Accommodation and food

Accommodation and food prices are valid for 

  • Finnish University students attending courses arranged by the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences and when the student will pay him/herself. Full board price includes the state support deduction of 1.94 €.
  • University of Helsinki life science researchers, course teachers and graduated students. 

Board and lodging (full board) includes: breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation in two bed rooms with own linen. Rooms with WC and / or small kitchen are also available. To book a room please contact our office.

For prices for visitors, meetings and seminars not belonging to UH life sciences, please contact our office for a quote.

Item Students (BSc, MSc) UH life science researchers, course teachers
and graduated students
    VAT included (10 %, 14 % or 24 %) VAT 0%
Breakfast 2.80 3.80 3.33
Lunch 2.60 6.85 6.01
Dinner 4.10 5.80 5.09
Accommodation 6.00 (two person room) 9.45 8.59
Total 15.50 25.90 23.02
Coffee 1.00    
Coffee and bun 2.40 2.40 2.11
Sauna 2.34 2.90 2.34
Linen 9.64 11.95 9.64

Laboratory analyses and sampling services

Analyses can be ordered from our laboratory, and each year we provide analysis for university researchers and outside groups. Below is a list of the water chemistry analyses that can be provided.

We also will do water sampling in bodies of water in the local region and produce water quality reports. Please contact our laboratory coordinator if you are interested in using this service. 

Laboratory analyses prices are in € and are for researchers belong to the University of Helsinki HiLIFE institute. For researchers and others not belonging to the HiLIFE institute please contact our Laboratory coordinator for pricing.

Analysis VAT 0 %
Total suspended solids 5.0
Turbidity 1.4
pH 1.4
Conductivity 1.4
Colour 4.4
spectrum 4.6
Alkality & pH 6.0
O2 (titration) 6.0
CODMn 6.0
Total nitrogen 7.2
Total phosphorus (acid) 6.6
Ammonium NH4-N 4.4
Phosphate PO4-P 5.2
Nitrate + nitrite NO3 + NO2 5.4
Fe,Na,Mg,K,Ca (per pcs) 6.8
Chloride + sulphate 8.8
Total organic carbon TOC 7.0
Dissolved organic carbon DOC 9.3
Dissolved inorganic carbon DIC 7.0
Chlorophyll a 6.8
Isotopes (14C, 3H) 2.4
Primary production (14C) 3.0
Gases (CO2, CH4, N2O) 8.6
Phytoplankton identification 127.5

Motorized vechiles and boats

Boat and van usage is charged by hour, day or km according to the table. Research groups should contact the station director for more information.

Vehicle h / d / km VAT 0 % VAT included (24 %)
Iita, Jarre, hydrocopter h 26.61 33.00
Small motorboats h 8.87 11.00
Small motorboats d 54.03 67.00
Vans km 0.43