WWA Library

WWA holds a collection of von Wright and Wittgenstein related books and articles. Most of these were originally kept at von Wright's office at the University of Helsinki, or belong to a donation made by professor Jaakko Hintikka in 2012.
A library with two parts

The WWA library has two parts, the von Wright Library and the Hintikka Library.

The von Wright Library

In the von Wright Library there are books that were either kept at von Wright's office at the University, or have been donated later by the von Wright family. Some books have also been purchased during the existence of WWA (indicated in the catalogues). There is a collection of books by Wittgenstein in a number of languages of the world and many books on Wittgenstein's philosophy. There are also books and articles by, and related to, von Wright.

The Hintikka Library

Since the spring of 2012 professor Jaakko Hintikka's collection of books related to Wittgenstein, von Wright and Eino Kaila are also kept in WWA. Many of the books contain annotations made by Hintikka.