Wittgenstein materials

The core of the collection of the Wittgenstein Materials consists of the Wittgenstein archive kept and organized by Georg Henrik von Wright during his life-time. It includes items such as a complete set of copies of Wittgenstein's Nachlaß, letters relating to the posthumous publication of Wittgenstein, the so called Helsinki Ausgabe of Philosophische Untersuchungen and photos of Wittgenstein.

von Wright's catalogue

The catalogue called the Wittgenstein Materials, available as a PDF file, is the catalogue Georg Henrik von Wright himself made of the holdings of his Wittgenstein Archives, which now forms a part of WWA. This catalogue was completed in 1997. It gives a good overview of the contents, but lacks some precision in its details. An updated version of the catalogue is available from WWA for private use on a research related request. It preserves von Wright's original description of the materials, but adds more details regarding, for instance, the correspondence kept in the boxes with the copies of Wittgenstein's Nachlaß. (For further information and inquiries, please contact hy-wwa at helsinki.fi).