Sustaining and expanding project results through educational governance (Output 6)

The need for the project arises from the challenging Palestinian educational context that demands to develop all inclusive and open education towards learner centered approaches where university teacher education is engaged in open dialogue with schools that have qualified teachers.

The key factor of the educational success and sustainability of Olive Project lies on the educational governance in Palestine. Thus, the Olive project has been planned in close collaboration with Palestinian Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education and Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission. The project’s core aim, developing teacher education and STEM education, is in line with the ministries key development targets.

The high quality of teacher education is ensured through quality assurance work during the project. With theoretically validated approaches and assessments methods, it is possible to ensure high quality processes and outcomes. The project is planned, implemented and carefully recorded together with placing adequate quality assurance processes. Thus, the Olive project can be viewed as a case study and its experiences and results can be used in renewing the Palestinian teacher education in near future. This will increase the number of beneficiaries in other universities and faculties in Palestine.

Activities of Output 6