Activity 2: Building STEM laboratories: Fixed and Backpack

This activity aims at building modern STEM-laboratories in Palestine with necessary equipment and technologies

. There will be two kinds of laboratory settings. Ones that are fixed to teacher education units containing more extensive set of equipment and technologies such as computer-based measure systems. The laboratories permit to design and implement various types of STEM-interventions that utilize the shared could services and online infrastructure built in Project Activity 1. The other kind of laboratory setting will be mobile - so called Backpack Laboratories. They contain the set of equipment that teacher students may take with them while teaching in local schools. The Backpack Laboratories contain the basic equipment for implementing STEM-education, such as a laptop, data loggers, sensors, and gears for building wireless network in order to get access to online materials. The content of Backpack Laboratories will allow to cover various topics of STEM, such as mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity, and optics. Both sets of laboratories aim at engaging teachers, teacher students, and pupils into the process of learning mathematics, physics and other sciences from STEM-tasks that are developed in Project Activity 4. In addition, the parts of facilities provided by the Backpack Laboratories can be used for teaching another disciplines and contents (see Activities 6, 7 and 8).