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TAITAGIS project MSc programme block teaching was given from the 30.1.2018 to 24.2.2018

TAITAGIS members from the University of Helsinki gave three MSc courses in Taita Taveta University and these courses were:

  • SIG 3102 Cartography and Data Collection (12.2.2018 - 19.2.2018)
  • SIG 3103 Satellite Remote Sensing (30.1.2018 - 7.2.2018)
  • SIG 3104 Geodatabases and Web Mapping (19.2.2018 - 24.2.2018)

During the block teaching we managed to cover most of the thematic subjects and hands-on training practicals that was originally planned. To make this happen, we have to extend our teaching hours at the GIS lab. For example in the end of SIG 3102 and SIG 3104 courses, teaching days has to be extended up to 9 hours, and when the temperature started to reach a soaring +38 Degrees in Celsius during some days in the GIS, it started to be a bit challenging to keep up good teaching sessions!

TAITAGIS project - "Finland meets Kenya" music evening was held on the 15th February 2018 at the Taita Taveta University Auditorium

This was on open event for all TTU staff and students and Taita Taveta County Governmental officers and stakeholders to enjoy music, dance and "Water's Journey" movie and to learn more about TAITAGIS project, and education and research that University of Helsinki has been made in Taita Taveta County more than 15 years. After the opening words a presentation of TAITAGIS was given by Lucas Mwangala and Mika Siljander and after the talk a musical show, basically without any practising, was given by Mika and two TTU students that play keyboards and drums in a gospel band. After music show it was time for speaches and H.E. Majala Mlagui the Deputy Governor of Taita Taveta County Government gave us inspiring presentation about the importance of environmental conservation in Taita Taveta County. Next, professor Petri Pellikka from the University of Helsinki gave a talk about research projects made in the Taita Hills and the evening ended with a "Water's Journey" movie. It was sure a great evening for all +100 participants!

TAITAGIS project kickoff meeting was held on the 8th February 2018 at the Taita Taveta University, Voi, Kenya

TAITAGIS project finally had kickoff at the Taita Taveta University as due to the Kenyan presidential elections in 2017 kickoff has been postponed already twice. TAITAGIS project kickoff meeting was graced by H. E. Tarja Fernández - Ambassador of Finland to Kenya. We were also very pleased to have Professor PhD. Kaarle Hämeri Chancellor from the University of Helsinki and Professor PhD. Hamadi Boga Vice Chancellor from the Taita Taveta University among our kickoff participants. We had various stakeholders from the Taita Taveta County but also participants coming from various organizations from the Nairobi region. Scientifi presentations and talks from various organizations and firms were given during the kickoff day.  It was a great event to present research done in Taita Taveta County and now ca. 200 participants of kickoff meeting knows for sure what is TAITAGIS!

TAITAGIS project MSc programme teaching during February 2018

We are going to teach three MSc courses in Taita Taveta University during February and these courses are:

  • SIG 3102 Cartography and Data Collection
  • SIG 3103 Satellite Remote Sensing
  • SIG 3104 Geodatabases and Web Mapping

TAITAGIS project MSc programme teaching started on the 20th January 2018

We started the MSc programme teaching with the SIG 3101 - Geoinformatics 1 course and the students have been very enthusiastically learning basic skills in GIS!

The aim of this course is to introduce the student to the basics of geographic information systems and to get acquainted with the QGIS software (ArcGIS software). After completing this course the student is able to carry out simple GIS analyses and create map visualizations independently. The student is also familiar with the basic concepts and theory of GIS, can produce and find GIS data and is able to assess its quality. The theory part of this course goes through the basic principles of GIS and handles fundamental topics such as spatial data sources, spatial data models and databases, and cartography. The student will get familiar with vector and raster data structures and their different analyzing methods and learn how GIS data can be created. The theory part also takes a look at practical applications and the future prospects of GIS. In the practical exercises the student will get a touch of using the QGIS software (ArcGIS software). Each exercise will present a theme that supports the theory part of the course, such as digitization, spatial queries and overlay analysis. The tasks will gradually get more challenging towards the end of the course once the student gets familiar with the basic tools and analyses. 

During December 2017 students were selected for the MSc programme at the Taita Taveta University

We successfully selected 10 students from the applicants and they are representing wide range of backgrounds. However, one student did not start the programme, so now we have six male students and we are also very happy to have three brave female students starting their MSc studies in geoinformatics!

Advanced GIS training at the Taita Taveta University

On 20 to 25 November 2017 TAITAGIS project will give hands on GIS training in Taita Taveta University.

1st CEMEREM Conference on Mining and Mining Education in Africa in Nairobi

On 15 to 16 November 2017 TAITAGIS project will take part in the 1st CEMEREM Conference on Mining and Mining Education in Africa to be held in Nairobi.

Teaching Web Mapping applications at the Taita Taveta University, Kenya 

On 9th November 2017 TAITAGIS project will be teaching Web Mapping applications at the Taita Taveta University.

Teaching Web Mapping applications in Moshi, Tanzania

On 7th November 2017 TAITAGIS project will be teaching Web Mapping applications at Moshi in Tanzania.

Taita Research Station Science Seminar

On 3 October TAITAGIS project presented a poster at the Taita Research Station Science Seminar which was held at the University of Helsinki Main building.

Basic in Geoinformatics online course

On 2 October 2017. TAITAGIS project started an online Basic in Geoinformatics course. Students and staff members from Taita Taveta University are participating and progressing well with the GIS assignments. Most of the students have never used any elearning platform before, so it has been very exiting to see how they respond after their first elearning experience. 

Tanzania Geospatial-ICT research, education and networking day in Turku

On 4th September 2017 two members from the TAITAGIS project participated at the Networking day. We met up with the geospatial and ICT experts from Tanzania and Finland and heard about their recent research, education and business development activities in Tanzania. We also presented a poster about the TAITAGIS project.