About the SEBA project

In West Africa, as in other resource-poor settings, control of the occurrence and transmission of AMR is challenging due to socioeconomic constraints, lack of expertise, and inadequate facilities to educate the experts. Through SEBA, we will strengthen the human and technical capacities of partner universities, enabling them to provide high-quality education and to train experts in AMR management.
To achieve our goals, we will

1) train the trainers, ie. the local university teachers in AMR and pedagogic skills

  • the European experts in AMR will contribute to teacher training, where two crosscutting principals are followed

    1) application of active learning techniques based on the modern learning theories;

    2) application of the One Health approach, whereby human, animal and environmental health are treated as one entity, influenced by socioeconomic structures
  • we will design a new Advanced Training Programme in AMR, a multidisciplinary programme at MSc level that can be carried out at local universities at regular intervals

2) carry out an Advanced Training Programme in AMR for the first cohort of students

  • broad and deep hands-on training in molecular biology techniques and bioinformatic analysis of sequence data will equip graduates with the skills to contribute fully in global AMR activities using English language
  • e-learning, learning in laboratory and in bioinformatics facility, independent learning, and placement in a stakeholder institution will be applied

3) improve the infrastructure and institutional competences of the participating universities

  • new laboratories and bioinformatics platforms with skilled maintenance and teaching staff will be provided to the leading universities in Benin and Burkina Faso
  • the universities will gain competence in developing regional and international educational programmes to increase the societal impact
  • the training will be subject to quality control and accreditation procedures to meet European higher education standards