Updates about new features and important releases !

Add your own notes to any story

You can now add your own notes to any story.
Click on any word in the text that you find important, and add any reminder  you like, for later review !  The annotated text will be highlighted in yellow, and will be marked with a small number, like a footnote. If you want to annotate a longer phrase, use the ← → arrows to add or remove words. 

You can add notes wherever you work with a story: in Practice, Preview and Review modes.

If you share the story with a friend, your friend will also see your notes. 

If a teacher puts the story in a group library — the teacher's notes will be visible to the whole group !   Other group members can add their own notes as well, but they remain private — not seen by anyone else.


Estimate your level with a quick test !

You can now estimate your CEFR level using an "adaptive test" : Revita will ask you a series of questions, to estimate your level quickly — "adaptive" means each question is specially selected based on your answers to previous questions.  Usually the estimate is ready after 40-50 answers. 

(For now, adaptive testing is available only for Russian.  It will be available for other languages soon.)


Preview Mode and Review Mode

Two new modes are available for working with stories:

  1. Preview mode
  2. Review mode

Preview mode

When the learner (or the teacher) uploads a new story, Preview Mode allows you to see what words and phrases in the story will be used in exercises.  If you are curious, you can also examine what kind of exercises will be offered — by clicking in the text.

Review mode

After you've done exercises with a story, you can return to it to review your answers and Revita's feedback!


Competitions !

Competition mode is now available: you can compete against an opponent while doing exercises with any story in the library.

  • Competition is timed — it lasts until either you or the opponent reach the end of the story.
  • The progress bars display:
    • how far in the story each player is, and
    • how many exercises each player has answered correctly.
  • At the end, the winner is the one who completed more exercises correctly!

For now, your opponent is a BOT — tailored to be similar to you: it reads text at about the same pace as you, and knows about the language approximately as well as you.  Therefore the competition should not be too easy and not too hard.

Have fun!! 


Share stories with friends

You can now share any story you like with your friends:

  • Select a story from your private library, click on its title to see story details, then click Share.
  • Enter the friend's email address — with which she registered in Revita.
  • You can include an optional message about the story.
  • The friend will receive a notification by email — if she accepts the story, it will appear in her private library.
  • The friend can also follow you: if she follows you, stories that you send her will appear in her private library automatically, without notification.
  • The list of followed friends appears in the Profile page.

The teacher can share a story with an entire group of students.  Use the same Share button, and select "Share with group".  The story will appear in the Group Library !


​​​​​​​New Home Page design

We have improved the design of the Home Page for the desktop — the main functions are now on the Menu Bar for faster and more convenient access.

  • The mobile design continues to use the Side Bar, as before.


News about latest features and improvements

The News Bell  icon will let you know when new features are released — the Bell will have a small red number to notify you.

  • More new features and new types of exercises will be announced in the near future!


Recently released features

Report  Button is now available on many pages

Now If you encounter any problem or error:

  • Please click the button Report a Problem.
  • A copy of the page where the problem occurred will be sent to the Revita Team. 
  • (Optional: you can also write a short message, about what is wrong.)
  • We will try to handle the problem as soon as possible!  We appreciate your feedback!


The Leaderboards  now track learners who are in the lead — based on practice time.

Remember: practice leads to perfection!

New Language

The Chinese  language has been added, in BETA (β) mode.
Please note: BETA languages are in early stages of development, and will evolve over time.