Child in Time is a project funded by the Academy of Finland in 2023-2027 examining children's resilience and wellbeing.

The project focuses on examining existential resilience and well-being in early childhood. Resilience plays an important role in maintaining well-being in the midst of difficult life situations. Currently, in addition to the pandemic, climate anxiety and war news have caused worry and anxiety for children also in Finland. The methodological framework of this research project is based on constructivist grounded theory, where the materials built by the children themselves on tablet computers and the discussions stemming from these materials are used as a basis for a new conceptual model. In addition, children's resilience and well-being are supported through the development of a character strength-based intervention model. Research data will be collected from 2-6-year-old children (n=60) in three educational contexts during three years. The results of the research project will benefit the multidisciplinary research field in general as well as the field of early childhood education in particular, for example regarding worldview education.