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Topical in Re-MEND

Re-MEND welcomes the Communication from the Commission on a comprehensive approach to mental health. The mental health strategy adds a pillar to the European Health Union and aims to ensure a new cross-sectoral approach to mental health issues. The EU action on mental health will focus on three guiding principles: 1) adequate and effective prevention, 2) access to high quality and affordable mental healthcare and treatment, and 3) reintegration into society after recovery.

Re-MEND appreciates that the Communication emphasises mental health as an integral part of health and recognises the multifaceted risk factors of mental-ill health. The planned actions will cover a broad range of policies and include efforts, e.g., in the areas of promoting good mental health through prevention and early detection, investing in capacity building, protecting children and the young and addressing vulnerable groups.

Read more about the EU action on mental health here.

The Project kick-off meeting was held 25-26 January 2023 in beautiful Sigtuna, Sweden. The meeting brought together all the Consortium members, 16 participating organisations, and paved a way for common understanding and interlinkages between the different work packages around which the project is organised. The work focused on the information and workflows between the different tasks as well as management aspects to facilitate coordination. The meeting was a success for planning of the work and kick-staring the in-depth discussions. It also provided a great opportunity to get to know all the members of the interdisciplinary and international consortium.