Our multidisciplinary team consists of 11 researchers in five Nordic universities, representing the fields of education, applied language studies and history.
Fritjof Sahlström (PI)

Fritjof Sahlström, PI, is professor in Education at the University of Helsinki, Finland since 2022, leading the research community Diversity, Multilingualism and Social Justice. He has been the PI of a number of research projects and collaborations, and a member of the two Nordic excellence centres Justice through Education JustEd and Quality in Nordic Teaching QUINT (both funded by Nordforsk).  

Marie Nilsberth (co-PI)

Marie Nilsberth is associate professor in Educational studies at Karlstad university, Sweden. Her current research focuses on digitalisation of education in relation to critical questions about learning, literacy and knowledge in contemporary diverse societies, mainly employing video-ethnographic approaches in investigating the hybrid sociality of today’s classrooms.

Stig-Börje Asplund

Stig-Börje Asplund is associate professor at the Department of Educational Studies at Karlstad University in Sweden. His research interests include classroom interaction, processes of identity construction, and literacy practices, with a special focus on vocational education and boys’ and men’s relationship to reading.

Nikolaj Elf

Nikolaj Elf, PhD, is professor at University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and head of the Center for Basic Education, a partnership between SDU and four university colleges. His research focuses on subject education, school history and professions specializing in L1, literacy, technology and education for sustainable development.

Tuuli From

Tuuli From is a postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki and a member of the research community Diversity, Multilingualism and Social Justice. Her research focuses on the spatialities and materialities of education, with a special interest in language policies and ideologies. From is the communications manager of the project Nordic Basic Schools. 

Jens Jørgen Hansen

Jens Jørgen Hansen is associate professor in education at University of Southern Denmark in the Department of Design, Media and Educational Science. His research involves use of learning technologies, learning science and academic and digital literacy. He is head of the focus area L1 as didactive subject in the Center for Basic Education Research. 

Petteri Laihonen

Petteri Laihonen serves as a senior researcher at the Centre for Applied Language Studies at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. His notable contributions to applied language studies and the development of co-creative citizen science are rooted in his project leadership, research on multilingual environments, methodological innovations, and participatory approaches that effectively bridge the academic and public spheres.

Héctor Pérez Prieto

Héctor Pérez Prieto is senior professor in Educational Studies  at Karlstad University. His research has mainly concerned pupil’ and teachers’ experiences of pedagogical processes in relation to social structures and policy contexts, and in the work with longitudinal studies he has used various quantitative and qualitative methods, specially life stories.

Fredrik Rusk

Fredrik Rusk is associate professor of education at Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU) and his research involves the employment of ethnography, ethnomethodology and conversation analysis to investigate and better understand schools as new sociomaterial environments in which analog and digital participation is continually renegotiated and reconfigured. 

Johan Samuelsson

Johan Samuelsson has a background as a teacher of history and religion but is now active at Karlstad University as a researcher and teacher. He is a professor of history since 2022. His main scientific interest has been in historical development and its role in society, as well as in the history of education. 


Anna Öhman

Anna Öhman works as senior lecturer at Karlstad University in Sweden and holds a PhD in Educational studies. Her research focuses on assessment and feedback practices and students’ experiences of special needs support in upper secondary school as well as leadership in adult education colleges and art and music schools.